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QC/Technical Support

1, innovation and knowledge-based economy to become the fundamental driving force for the development of the times

2, with our really at ease for users

3, Japan on the matter on completion of clearance on a high-hundredth project

4, based on the quality of jobs grasp meticulous see products

5, finishing rectify sweeping clean and safe quality

6, high standards and strict requirements of high efficiency zero-defect

7, we embody the technological embodied the wisdom of the quality of our dignity

8, to strengthen the awareness of quality as early as tomorrow will be better

9, innovation and enterprise is to improve the vitality of the fundamental way

10, to improve the efficiency of sorting to do to rectify

11, adhere to the "6S" is "the basis for the production of high-quality products"

12, no matter how busy production did not forget safety

13, to upgrade their service skills to create an atmosphere of service

14, security guard from the accident out of paralysis Shouji regulatory compliance to ensure safety regulations lead to reckless main reasons why

15, to comply with laws and regulations to improve the environment clean and safe protection of health

16, the security head in the first quality from reality

17, high-quality products is the basis for the survival of enterprises to improve the services business is the development of security

18, to raise awareness of specific services to clients optimize the service system to create a service culture

19, the building of good faith organizations to win customer loyalty

20, based on meticulous job of grasping the quality of products

21, must also think about a better way

22, the process of high quality brand name products from brand-effective

23, and want to have to do is to do so on

24, all for the sake of all users for customer service

25, skills than the quality of service than than collaboration

26, we embody the technological embodied the wisdom of the quality of our dignity

27, and innovation is the inevitable choice for enterprise development

28, Li Zhen quality of service excellence and perseverance

29, the development of innovation as the key link for the soul of the market for the first service to the source

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